Home Staging During The Real Estate Slump

Within the first 90 seconds, people decide if they could live in your home. The problem is that there are so many homes on the market right now, that if yours doesn't catch their eye immediately, then they have other choices - lots of other choices!

In order to sell your house, you have to take your home out of it! You can do this by taking down family pictures and collections and vacation memorabilia. All of this will make your house feel like something a buyer could turn into their home.

Other easy to make changes include removing all area rugs because the eye stops when it comes to a rug. You want the buyer's eyes to take in the full floor plant. You can also remove practically everything from the kitchen counter tops and absolutely everything from above the kitchen cabinets. You don't want your buyers to be looking up. Instead you want them to notice the features of the kitchen. And having clear counter tops lets them see all your kitchen has to offer.

According to StagedHomes.com, staging your home will save you money. A professionally staged home is on the market 33 days or less, according to the site, versus an unstaged home, which is usually on the market for up to 165 days. Not only that, but staged homes sell for more. Selling your home faster and for more - home staging is the perfect solution.

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