Home Staging: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Words like “Faster” and “More Money” call to mind “The check is in the mail” or “This won’t hurt a bit.” Yet, hidden trends explain how using a professional home stager to get your house ready to be put on the market creates huge dividends for home sellers in case after case.

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale. For years it was a function performed by the realtor and consisted mostly of the standard advice to remove clutter, to keep the front yard well manicured, and bake cookies just before each showing. Now the process of home staging has become a specialty with professionals who understand the changing dynamics in residential real estate.

As in nearly every field, the Internet has driven significant changes in the process of selling your home. If you go about it next time like way you did even three years ago, the odds are you will overlook opportunities for getting buyers more quickly and increasing the financial gain from selling your home. And you may get little or no return on the money you use to “get the house ready to sell” as your house competes with homes that have been professionally staged.

With many sellers finding their homes worth more than they anticipated during the latest “real estate boom”, the advantages the Internet gives to buyers at the disadvantage of sellers and the changes in the role of realtors have hardly been noticed. Several simple observations about these changes are revealing in understanding why professional home staging has become such a good investment.

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