Why Is It Called Home "Staging"

Home staging is the act of setting up the home in just the right way to set off the good things and downplay the bad things. But why is it called staging? Believe it or not, it really does have to do with a stage - a theater stage.

When you go to a theater, you see a set that helps to create an atmosphere needed for the audience. To create the right atmosphere, the set must appeal to the audience.

The same holds true for your home. Each room is a different set with the intent to appeal to your audience - the home buyer. The play? It is called "Buy This Home Because It Is Better Than All Others Out There." And your audience will become involved in this play if your sets give them what they seek.

In order to stage your home, be sure to clean it, declutter it, lighten it up with paint and window coverings, and focus on the improvements that will make the most bang for the buck.

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