Teri B. Clark's Book on Home Staging Awarded "First Runner Up" in the Eric Hoffman Book Awards 2008.

Teri B. Clark's Book on Home Staging Awarded "First Runner Up" in the Eric Hoffman Book Awards 2008.

Teri B Clark Home Staging Book301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than You Thought by Teri B Clark is a First Runner Up in the 2008 Eric Hoffer Award.

“We are very excited about using our international award program to honor the memory one of America’s greatest freethinkers,” said Christopher Klim, the managing editor of Best New Writing, which publishes the results of the Eric Hoffer Award for books and
prose. “This year’s Hoffer winners bring us to a new height.”

The Eric Hoffer Award for short prose and books was established at the start of the 21st century as a means of opening a door to writing of significant merit. It honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing.

The Hoffer Award exists as a platform to honor independent books of exceptional merit. Since its inception as the Writers' Notes Award, the Hoffer Award has grown in prominence each year. Multiple books in many categories and various press types are given prizes, "Hoffer" honors, and worldwide media exposure.

Category distinctions were awarded on three levels in descending order: Winner, First Runner-Up, and Notables. The Eric Hoffer Book Award grants a $1,500 annual grand prize and separate distinctions for the best academic, small, and micro press, the best self-published book, and various winners in 14 categories that cover the entire publishing spectrum. Also, the Montaigne Medal is awarded to the most though-provoking books.


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