Become a Home Stager - New Book Coming Out!

How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Redesign, Redecorating, & Home Staging Business—With Companion CD-ROM

Are you planning to become part of this redesign or real estate staging network? During this time of phenomenal growth, these businesses may be worth your investigation. If you can answer yes to the following questions, then the redesign or home staging business may be just right for you. • Do you love decorating your home? • Are you addicted to home decorating shows and magazines? • Do you know exactly what someone should do to sell their home fast? • Are you constantly moving your furniture around? • Do you find yourself decorating for your friends and family for free? • Do you have a flair for decorating? Keep in mind, however, that Redesign and Real Estate Staging are more than just having the talent and skills to do the job. The business of the business is the part that can be tricky. Readers of this book will fall into one of the following categories: • Those With a Second Career: You already have a successful career and are looking for something new. In fact, the design field may be totally unrelated to anything you have ever done before • Those Wishing To Be Their Own Boss: You want to have more control over your day and how it goes. Being your own boss allows you to be flexible. • Those That Are Business Beginners: You have started your own business, and are finding that the small business tools that are available just do not apply to the design industry. • Those That Want To Grow Their Design Business: You already are fully engaged in your own design business and need sound marketing principles to grow your business further. • Those That Are Curious: You just want to know what the design industry is all about and find out if you can develop your passion into a thriving business. No matter which description fits you, this book will be instrumental in your success of the business side of redesigning and home staging. In these chapters, you will learn whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur, what to offer as a redesigner, redecorator, and real estate stager, what to charge for your services, how to create both a simple and formal business plan, how to set up your home office, the legalities of owning a business, how to market, how to give a presentation, the day to day workings of your job, and professional design techniques. You will read expert examples and business blunders. You will receive tips, scripts, and templates. After you are finished with this book, you will be ready to start your own redesign, redecorate, and real estate staging business. More importantly, you will be ready to succeed.

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