Should You Home Stage Without Professional Help?

The purpose of home staging is to emphasize your home's best attributes and sway potential buyers. This can be done with just a few accessories or with a whole house of new furnishings, paint, and accessories.

But can you do it alone? That depends. You must be able to be objective. Staging your home isn't about your own tastes. It is about making the home appealing to the general population. And it isn't really about function. You may use all those products in your tub, but when it comes to selling your home, none of them should be seen.

Whether you go it alone or use a stager, you have to have the attitude that your home is no longer your home. Instead, you must be able to see it as your investment.

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Treasured Spaces said...

Great blog about the pitfalls some people run into when they try to stage on their own. Thanks for sharing!

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Lisa Davidson said...

I think this is should not be done without any professional help. There are so many professionals to offer these services.

Home Staging Solutions said...

I agree with Lisa, this should be done with professional help.
When you do this yourself it's hard to stay objective.
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