Hire a Home Stager First and You Won't Be Sorry

Numbers do not lie. Homes that are staged first and then sold sell 2 to 3 times as fast and at a higher price. If you show the home to someone before staging, you will lose that edge.

Let’s consider a broker walkthrough. They go through each room and notice the dirty carpet in the family room. Then they notice how the walls are dingy as well. Their frame of mind is now fault finding. As they walk into the dining room, it feels cramped and dark. And the kitchen! How small. Their inner voice is saying something like this when the walkthrough is over:

“No, this house is too small and too dark and too dirty. The sellers want far too much. I’m not sure that I have anyone that would be interested in this house.”

Even if you go on to stage the home before allowing potential buyers in, the stage has been set – incorrectly set.

If the same group of brokers had seen the home for the first time after it had been staged, they would have noticed how fresh and clean everything was. They would have noticed the lovely light and how airy it felt. They would have noticed the spacious rooms and the quaint kitchen. And their inner voice would be saying:

“This is a great home for the price. Mr. Brown and his wife would just love this!”

The difference is in the staging.

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