Home Stagers Help With Time Management

Husband and wife both work. Both kids are in 3 activities. Commuting. Eating out. And selling a home??? Where does it fit in and how can it fit in?

How can these home sellers get their homes ready? Even if they aren't as busy as the family above, getting ready to sell a home can be a daunting task.

One way to help ease the burden is time management. Figure out what activities can go. Perhaps eat in instead of out. Spend the weekends working on home projects. Have a plan with the highest priority items first.

Having a plan is something that an agent and/or a home stager has the knowledge to create. What absolutely needs to be done? What is in the "would be nice" category? What is more of a wish list?

How to get the tasks done? Delegate, ask friends, hire out. Stagers are a great resource.

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