Home Staging Can Increase Your Home's Perceived Value

While doing a bit of research, I came across something that described the difference between actual value and perceived value.

The actual value of a property is based on the square footage, number of bedrooms, number of baths, size of kitchen, the location, etc. Perceived value is based on what the would-be buyers believe about the home. They want to see that it meets their needs AND makes their lifestyle better than it is now.

The best way to increase the perceived value of your home is to have it staged. The better your home looks, the better a potential buyer feels about it. Home staging adds the perceived value buyers are looking for.

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Colin said...

Another great, simple thing to better stage your home is to place high quality, tasteful framed artwork on your otherwise empty walls.

Classical work from the impressionist period is a great example because it's stood the test of time. The historic European artists like Degas and Renoir are also unlikely to offend anyone. In contrast, they actually create a sophisticated atmosphere.

When my wife and I were selling our house we wished we found this club, The Art Collectors Guild earlier.

They have a number of great classic work, beautifully framed, that would look great on any wall.