What Can You Expect When You Hire a Home Stager?

Most home stagers offer many different levels of service.

1. You can have the stager walk through your home and give you a consultation. The consultation ends with a list of recommendations that will help you show your house at its best. Such recommendations may be removing clutter, painting the walls, or hanging some art in specific places on the wall. This is typically the cheapest service and can range anywhere from $75 to $350 depending upon your location.
2. For a bigger fee, the home stager can come in and redecorate your home by changing around your furniture, removing pieces that do not fit, and even bringing in some of their own props.
3. Some home stagers will charge an hourly fee to do the cleaning, decluttering, and packing for you, as well as doing the redecorating.
4. And finally, some stagers will not only redecorate and bring in a few props, they will also bring in complete furniture suites with furniture from their own warehouse or from a rental store.

No matter what price range you choose, home staging will make your home sell faster and for more money.

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